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Grim Reaper Stinger Transition

Grim Reaper Stinger Transition

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Embrace the darkness with Grim Reaper Stinger Transition! 💀🔮

Compatible with OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop and Twitch Studio.

Extremely easy to implement via OBS and Streamlabs. Less than 20 seconds. Tutorial is included.


🎵4 Volume Options

💀 High Volume
💀 Medium Volume
💀 Low Volume
💀 No Audio

⌛ Animation Length: 3 seconds
➡️ Transition Point: Track Matte (turn on "Use Track Matte" setting on transition settings)


🪶 Lightweight
🎞️ Full HD WebM


If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help.

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