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League Twitch Stream Alerts

League Twitch Stream Alerts

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Stand out from the Twitch crowd with dynamic alerts inspired by the competitive world of League, capturing the essence of epic battles and legendary moments of the Rift. Join the ranks of top streamers in the League community!

Compatible with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Implementing via Stream Elements is highly recommended. Using Streamlabs alert box may not work as intended.

2 Variations
⏲️10 Seconds
⏲️5 Seconds

10 Alerts
🎗️ Heart
🎗️ Star
🎗️ Cheer
🎗️ Diamond
🎗️ Crown
🎗️ Circle
🎗️ Money
🎗️ Lightning
🎗️ Gift Box
🎗️ Thumbs Up

5 & 10 seconds transparent Full HD scalable WebM files.

Easy to implement. Around 5 minutes. A tutorial video is included.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help.

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