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Loading Bar Pomodoro Timers

Loading Bar Pomodoro Timers

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45 & 15 Minutes
25 & 5 Minutes

Stay in the zone with Pomodoro Timer Overlay! ⏳

Witness the timer segments for work and break periods, helping you and your viewers maintain a healthy balance between focused work and relaxation. Prepare to optimize productivity during your streams!

Change it to any color on OBS Studio and Streamlabs Desktop. Tutorial is included.

Suitable for Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Kick streams.

Two time variations:
⌛ 25 Minutes
⌛ 5 Minutes

✒️ 3 Types
Sharp with Separators

⬆️ Vertical - 100x1080 px
➡️ Horizontal - 1150x100 px

🎉 Use it as one color or two colors

🌈 Change to any color
🎥 Scalable
📷 Lightweight

Extremely easy to implement and change color.

Animated Screens are not included.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help!

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