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Meteor Gifted Subscriber Alerts

Meteor Gifted Subscriber Alerts

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Apocalypse is imminent with every gifted sub! Motivate your viewers to share the love with Meteor Gifted Sub Alerts.

Compatible only with Twitch. You can use OBS, Streamlabs or Twitch Studio, but implementing via Stream Elements is suggested. Please message me for your questions.

Alert duration is 10 seconds.

7 Full Screen Alerts

🌠 100 Gifted Subs
🌠 50 Gifted Subs
🌠 25 Gifted Subs
🌠 20 Gifted Subs
🌠 10 Gifted Subs
🌠 5 Gifted Subs
🌠 New Gifted Sub

Transparent 10 seconds .webm files.

Sound is included in the video file. You can adjust volume and add another sound on top of it.

Easy to implement. Around 5–10 minutes. A Tutorial Video is included.

If you encounter any issue implementing the alerts, please contact us.

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