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Meteor Stream Alerts with Custom Text

Meteor Stream Alerts with Custom Text

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Prepare for impact - a meteor is on its way! 💫🚀

Watch as the screen trembles with the force of a meteor hitting the earth, creating an intense and thrilling moment on your stream. Get ready to immerse your viewers in the excitement of a celestial collision!

Compatible with OBS, Streamlabs Desktop and Twitch Studio, but implementation via Stream Elements recommended for the best experience.

A great addition to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook streams!

💥 Custom Text (Tutorial is included)

2 Durations
⌛ 5 Seconds
⌛ 10 Seconds

2 Directions
⬅️ Right to Left
➡️ Left to Right

🎵 With & Without Sound
🎞️ Full HD WebM Files
🪶 Lightweight. Around 2 MB

🔅 Alternative version with adjustable duration (with both directions and sound options) (without the fire at the end)

Easy to implement. Around 5 to 10 minutes. Tutorial is included.

You can add as an additional alert box to make them work seamless with your other alerts without any performance issues.


If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help.

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