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Minimal Overlays V2

Minimal Overlays V2

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Enhance your stream with our Minimal Overlays V2! 📷✨

These sleek and minimalistic designs feature a subtle shadow effect, adding depth to your camera. Keep the focus on you with a clean touch of elegance.

Compatible with OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop and Twitch Studio.

Great addition to your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Kick streams.

6 Shapes with 8 Different Corner Roundness Options

Horizontal - 1920x1080 - 16:9
4x3 - 1440x1080 - 4:3
5x4 - 1350x1080 - 5:4
Square - 1080x1080 - 1:1
Vertical - 800x1080 - 20:27
Round - 1080x1080 - 1:1

Extremely easy to implement! Tutorial is included.

High-quality, scalable, lightweight PNG files.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help!

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