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Tiny Skeletons Twitch Stream Alerts

Tiny Skeletons Twitch Stream Alerts

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Stream Alerts
Gifted Sub Alerts
Raid Alerts

Tremble with fear! Tiny Skeletons will defend their turf against any threat! If you're looking for cute kawaii chibi skeletons to defend your stream against invaders, you come to the right place!

Compatible with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Alert duration is 10 seconds.

13 Alerts

✨ New Follower
✨ New Subscriber
✨ New Donation
✨ New Cheer
✨ New Host
✨ New Raid
✨ New Gift

✨ New Member
✨ New Superchat

✨ New Like
✨ New Stars
✨ New Supporter
✨ New Share

Transparent 10 seconds Full HD WebM files.

Easy to implement. Around 5 minutes. A Tutorial Video is included.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us. We're here to help.

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